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See what our great patients have to say about Canyon Crest Dental. Here are what people say about us.

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I loved everything about this dental office. Everything was organized, Andrea in the front desk was very welcoming esp on the phone.

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The people who took care of me were very pleasing to talk with. The place is spotless recherche sourd celibataire facebook and very techy.

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Not only do they take pictures of your teeth, they take a pic of your face too LOL. They have ear pieces on so communication is easy between staff. Cool right?!

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I will be back for sure! Ellie T.

recherche sourd celibataire facebook

The office staff are top notch and the service is as well. If you are ever in need of dental work and are in close proximity to Dr. Merrihew- find out the soonest time he can see you.

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We have been coming to him since I have been going to CCD for a decade. I would not go anywhere else.

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I have been exceptionally pleased each time. The staff was so patient and caring. Angela G.

Now you can have perfectly aligned teeth without any of the hassle! ClearCorrect is the clear and comfortable alternative to braces! Teeth Whitening Are your teeth stained from coffee, wine, smoking, or tea?

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Are they dulling with time? Whitening strips and toothpastes will only go so far.

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A professional teeth whitening can give you a whiter and brighter smile, FAST! Dental Implant Are you missing teeth? Recherche sourd celibataire facebook you hesitant to smile or laugh?

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Dental implants are your best option! Dental implants look and function just like recherche sourd celibataire facebook natural teeth. We can match them to your natural teeth with ease.

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Dental implants are the no worries solution to missing teeth. Some of them are downright scared! Sedation dentistry has helped many of our clients, and it will help you too!